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Double Chocolate Maca Sqarze


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Double Chocolate Maca Sqarze
Double Chocolate Maca Sqarze
Double Chocolate Maca Sqarze

Organic, Raw, Gluten and Grain Free, Non-GMO, Vegan Superfood Snack

Each package contains 4 pieces of luscious velvety-vegan chocolate blended with coconut oil, cacao butter and maca then topped with cacao nibs for ultimate satisfaction.

Raw chocolate is the only food in the world that has Anandamide which is known as the bliss chemical because it makes one feel blissful. It's a neuromodulator that puts one in a good mood.  Chocolate is also rich in magnesium which relaxes the nervous and muscular system. When chocolate is heated all these nutrients are destroyed.  One needs very little raw chocolate to get that bliss hit!

This raw superfood snack has 3/4 teaspoon of maca in each Sqarze to energize and nourish the body with 60 phytonutrients.  Maca is a superfood from Peru known to nourish the adrenals as well as boost stamina and libido in both men and women.  Classified as an adaptogen which helps the body to adapt to stress instead of getting depleted by it, Maca is considered one of the most powerful nutritional superfoods available.

Good fats found in raw virgin coconut oil and raw cacao butter are mixed with Himalayan pink salt, which has 84 minerals, and raw vanilla bean from the South Pacific. Topped with Anandamide-rich raw cacao nibs and sweetened with raw agave nectar which is gut friendly with pre-biotics and is a low-glycemic sugar with a glycemic index of 39. 

Double Chocolate Chip Maca Sqarze may just be the perfect guilt-free treat that's good for you!

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